Muscle wasting and weakness due to aging, injury and surgery is common and often difficult to reverse with current rehabilitation therapy. Strengthening exercises can be painful and reinjure healing joints. Fortunately thanks to new neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) technology, there is now an efficient way to rapidly getting those muscles active and strong again.

The truSculpt Flex muscle stimulator, originally designed for aesthetics, has advanced technology so treatment can be customised to each individual’s needs providing pain free and rapid rehabilitation of weak muscles. The truSculpt Flex deploys a unique method of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to target specific muscle groups. It works by delivering powerful electrical impulses through electrodes deep into the underlying muscles. Most importantly, there is minimal discomfort or stress on the joint, no downtime and nearly anyone can receive the treatment. Four sessions are recommended.

This new treatment is recognised by medical professionals as providing valuable assistance in restoring muscle strength and size following injury or surgery.

“The truSculpt Flex muscle stimulator has changed the rehabilitation process for my patients”, according to Dr Allan Clarke, Sunshine Coast Orthopaedic Surgeon. “I regularly recommend sessions on the truSculpt Flex for my patients following injury or surgery. I have seen how sessions decrease the time and pain associated with a strengthening program and are especially beneficial when used in conjunction with physiotherapy or a home exercise program”.

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