Let me get that double chin for you

If you’re one of the hundreds of people I’m talking to daily (okay, I’m exaggerating but it’s to get my point across) about wanting a more defined jaw line and side profile, you’re not alone.

The majority of people come and see me to get their abdomen and love handles reduced by the truSculpt® iD as they think they’re the only areas it can effectively treat.

When I ask people if they have any other body concerns beyond their torso, they’re almost embarrassed to ask if there’s anything I can do for their double chin. Kind of like when someone “jokes” to their dentist about getting them to inject Botox into their forehead after they’ve done their temporomandibular joint to stop them clenching their teeth.

There is no need to be embarrassed by a double chin!

Contrary to popular belief, a double chin is not related to your weight. Genetics and ageing are to blame so you actually can’t work out or diet to lose it.

Whilst there’s not much you can do, there IS something I can do!

I have a fast, pain-free, non-surgical way to help.

The truSculpt® iD comes with a handheld attachment for smaller areas, like under your chin! We hold the attachment under your chin and let the advanced radiofrequency technology burn and permanently eliminate those unwanted fat cells.

With truSculpt® iD, you can get the definition you want, even in areas that are resistant to diet and exercise.

So, how does truSculpt® iD work?

Well, truSculpt® iD uses innovative Monopolar RF technology to selectively target the fat under your chin and therapeutically heat it until those fat cells are eliminated by passing through the body naturally.

How many treatments will I need?

How many treatments you need will depend on what your individual goals are, however, an average of 24% permanent fat reduction is achieved in just one treatment, which is often enough for a double chin treatment.

If you decide you want to treat more areas than just your chin, I can absolutely do that for you. Multiple areas can be treated in one 15-minute session. We can figure all of that out in your consultation.

So, if you’re looking to trade in your double chin for a defined jaw line, book a consultation and come in and see me.

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