Introducing the non-surgical butt lift

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non invasive butt lift

I have great, life-changing, time-saving news!

The non-surgical butt lift! You no longer need to spend endless hours squatting and lunging to get that sought after “bubble butt”. Even better, you no longer need to go under the knife and get the infamous Brazilian Butt Lift to lift, strengthen and tone your butt.

“But (excuse the pun)… how else will I get the butt of my dreams?” I hear you ask. Well, here at Sun Sculpt Body Contouring, I have a treatment that will do it for you. Believe it!

So, if you had the choice between:

  1. Spending years at the gym to make your butt more high, perky and strong; or
  2. Relaxing on your stomach for 45 minutes whilst a painless machine did the same thing

Which would you choose? Is there even a choice to make?

Introducing the non-surgical butt lift, courtesy of my favourite new system, the truSculpt® flex.

truSculpt® flex is a personalised muscle sculpting machine that strengthens, firms and tones your muscles by an average of 30%. truSculpt® flex uses unique Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) technology to replicate intensified squatting actions to strengthen, tone and lift your buttocks.

truSculpt® flex is the ideal option for people wanting to build and define muscle, however don’t have the time to work out consistently. One 45-minute treatment is the equivalent of 54,000 squats! We recommend four sessions to begin with and regular maintenance sessions to maintain your desired result.

Side note: When you’re coming in for your truSculpt® flex butt lift treatment, don’t exercise in the 12-24 hours prior to your appointment to ensure your exercise tolerance isn’t decreased for the treatment.

truSculpt® flex can also be used on your stomach, thighs, biceps and calves. Book in to see me for a consultation and I’ll go through your options with you.

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