Muscle Sculpting with Sun Sculpt

You have to be a super kind of human to actually enjoy doing burpees and push-ups every day, but intensive training is a reality for many people who are looking to shed fat and tone up. What if we told you there’s another, much easier, way to do this without having to step foot into a gym?

We often hear our services at Sun Sculpt Body Contouring seem too good to be true and then people experience what we offer and they cannot believe the results we achieve. Our truSculpt flex is one of those amazing treatments.

So what is Muscle Sculpting?

The truSculpt flex system is the most advanced sculpting technology on the Sunshine Coast. No matter your level of fitness, this non-invasive service works to firm, tone and strengthen your muscles through the multi-directional stimulation method. What this means is there are three individual modes that send electrical signals to specific muscle groups to stimulate contractions that promote muscle growth. 

Emma, Sun Sculpt Body Contouring’s expert, will customise your treatment plan to achieve your desired outcome with common target areas being the abdomen, flanks, buttocks, thighs, biceps/triceps and calves.

The three treatment modes depending on your level of fitness are:

  1. Prep 
  2. Tone
  3. Sculpt

The whole process is comfortable, safe and most of all effective. We use the latest technology to get clinically proven results.

How soon will I see those results?

Up to eight individual areas can be treated in a 45 minute session. Everyone’s journey is individual, but many people see a remarkable difference in as little as four treatments. Maximum results are typically seen at 8-12 weeks following the last session.

As the treatment is non-invasive there is no recovery time required, meaning you can leave our salon and get on with your day. Some patients may notice tingling in the treatment area for a few hours and slight muscle soreness for 72 hours.

Contact Sun Sculpt Body Contouring today to discuss how we can help you drop those burpees and get your body in the best shape possible.

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