Accelerate your rehabilitation

Accelerate your rehabilitation with the truSculpt Flex muscle stimulator. 

A case study provided by Dr Allan Clarke, Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Muscle weakness and muscle wasting are often resistant to treatment following injury or surgery. Resisted exercises to improve strength are painful or contraindicated initially to allow tendon and ligament healing. Similarly, core exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles to treat low back pain fail to truly activate the core muscles due to lack of muscle use over many years and associated pain when doing the exercises.

The truSculpt Flex muscle stimulator is the fastest way to strengthen muscles and has changed the rehabilitation process for my patients. It is unique and uses multidirectional stimulation (MDS) that can target specific muscle groups with different treatment modalities resulting in a rapid increase in muscle strength and function with subsequent increase muscle bulk by up to 30% in the following 8 -12 weeks.1

The truSculpt Flex muscle stimulator is ideal for strengthening abdominal muscles. There is immediate activation of the muscles with increased core support for the lower back and improved posture. A one-hour session can be the equivalent of 54 000 sit-ups. There is however minimal muscle pain and stiffness after the session. It is a workout that is impossible to replicate with an exercise program and does not strain the lower back. Studies using the truSculpt Flex have shown benefit in patients with low back pain.2

The MRI images show a patient of mine who had severe quads weakness 9 months after injury and knee ligament repair despite intensive rehabilitation. He was unable to stand on the affected leg and fell frequently. Two weeks after four treatment sessions with the truSculpt Flex he was able to do a one-leg squat with a 50% increase in quads strength.

Pre RX & 8 Weeks Post RX

Note the increased size of the quadriceps especially the VMO below the yellow line on the left side at 10 cm above the knee joint line (15% increase in quads bulk)

The truSculpt Flex is an efficient adjunct in the rehabilitation pathway. The significant benefit will be found in the management of low back pain, quads weakness after knee replacement and knee ligament reconstruction, shoulder cuff repair as well as shoulder and knee instability.

I regularly recommend 2 to 4 sessions on the truSculpt Flex for my patients following injury or surgery. These sessions will decrease the time and pain associated with a strengthening program and can be used in conjunction with a physiotherapy program or a home exercise program.

1 The process of muscle hypertrophy utilizing a novel bio-electrical stimulation device
2 Effect of muscle stimulation on chronic low back pain and abdominal muscle endurance and strength (manufacturer white papers available on request

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