2022 New Years Resolutions

2022 is just weeks away, which means no doubt many people are starting to think about what their New Year’s resolutions will be. Often people centre these goals around health, self-improvement, and money. 

How many times have you gone out in January and joined a gym, only to make the call a few months later with your tail between your legs that you want to cancel it due to not going enough? Or given up on that new diet just days into starting it? We get it, and we are definitely not judging – we’ve been there too!

It’s why at Sun Sculpt Body Contouring we are extremely passionate about helping people become the best version of themselves by increasing their confidence through advanced body sculpting technology. 

As the exclusive home of the truSculpt ID and truSculpt Flex on the Sunshine Coast, we can help you target unwanted fat deposits when diet and exercise just aren’t enough.


truSculpt ID is all about body sculpting and targeting fat, whereas truSculpt Flex contours your body by building, toning and strengthening muscles.


The truSculpt ID uses monopolar radio frequency and heat to selectively target fat and permanently destroy it. The treatment can be as short as 15 minutes following which the damaged fat cells are eliminated through natural body processes over the next 12 weeks, leading to an average of 24% permanent fat reduction in the treatment area from a single session.

The truSculpt Flex offers 3 modes for all levels of fitness.

Prep: Creates a twisting motion to assist with conditioning, stretching and building tolerance for high intensity muscle contractions. Suitable for individuals with lower levels of fitness.

Tone: Contracts the muscles, holds them to the point of exhaustion then releases – intended to increase strength and build endurance. 

Sculpt: Consists of fast, deep, sequential muscle contractions which simulates interval training. This increases the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) which assists in defining muscle mass. 

All treatments are customisable, comfortable, non-invasive and have no downtime. This is a safer alternative to surgery, and has clinically proven results.

At Sun Sculpt Body Contouring our main goal is to help you feel better in your body. Mindset is so important in every aspect of life, and sometimes a small confidence boost can result in a big transformation.

Contact Sun Sculpt Body Contouring today to start 2022 off on a positive note. We can’t wait to discuss how we can personalise your treatment to achieve your ideal body outcomes by targeting stubborn areas such as your abdomen, flanks, upper arms, buttocks and your back.

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